Scott Greenfield Has Left The Building

Scott Greenfield is gone. He must have planned this in advance. How else could he have achieved the perfect symmetry of ending the blog exactly five years to the day of posting his first entry?  At the same… Read More

Greenfield v. O’Keefe: Two Views on Social Media, Marketing, and Lawyers

H/T to Jordan Rushie.

Vote David Benowitz for Best D.C. Lawyer

The Washington City Paper is again taking votes for “Best of D.C.” in a number of categories.  Winner of the “Best D.C. Lawyer” last year, David Benowitz is again in the running for the award this year.  He… Read More

I’ll Press “Publish”

Many mornings before the start of a trial, I find myself writing a blog entry.  This initially struck me as odd. Shouldn’t I be putting final touches on my opening statement and focusing on the issues I expect… Read More

On Commies, Pinkos, Fags and Happyspherers

Mark Bennett coined the term “Happysphere” a while back, and it has now become a phrase that you need to throw into a blog entry every once in a while to show that you are a member of… Read More

Toward a “Flawging Quotient”: Justifications of a Self-Professed Flawger

There was an extended discussion over at Simple Justice recently about “flawging,” a phrase used, as I understand it, to describe blogs that are intended primarily as marketing tools for their authors. Antonin Pribetic, the blogger who coined… Read More

The ABA Journal’s Most-Voted-For Criminal Justice Blog for 2011

Thank you very much to everyone who voted in the 2011 ABA Journal Blawg 100.  Included among the list of top 100 blogs overall, the Koehler Law Blog received the highest number of popular votes in the “Criminal… Read More

Brucklaw Wins CLB Fantasy Football League

Congratulations to Michael Bruckheim for winning the 2011 Criminal Law Blog Invitational.  Bruckheim defeated Paul Kennedy of The Defense Rests in a nail-biter championship game, 144-140.   David Benowitz of D.C. Criminal Defense took third place by beating Brandon… Read More

D.A. Confidential Sitting in a Tree . . .

We see our friend Maria F. at the annual Christmas party hosted by some of our friends. Down from Boston for the party, she tells me she caught up on 6 months of blog reading in anticipation of… Read More

The 2011 ABA Journal Blawg 100

Last year I wrote about the ABA’s annual list of the top 100 legal blogs – the ABA Journal Blawg 100 – asking readers to vote for their (and my) favorite blogs for 2010. I repeat that request… Read More