U-Va’s Proposed New Rules on Sexual Misconduct

“Sexual misconduct has no place in the university’s community of trust.” So says Patricia Lampkin of the University of Virginia (U-Va) in describing the university’s proposed new rules on sexual misconduct. Having come under harsh criticism nationwide for… Read More

Press Coverage of Military Rape Case

My wife’s military rape case has received lots of attention in the media since it was filed in federal court on Tuesday.  Most recently, Susan appeared this morning on the Diane Rehm show on NPR.  In addition to… Read More

Albert Haynesworth Charged With Sexual Assault

Albert Haynesworth is making things far too easy for those of us who love to dislike him. My beef with Haynesworth has been that he accepted a $100 million contract to play for the Washington Redskins and then… Read More

Washington Redskins’ Brandon Banks Stabbed

Brandon Banks, the Redskins’ electrifying punt- and kick-returner from last season, suffered a minor wound yesterday after he was stabbed outside a D.C. nightclub.  According to the Washington Post, Banks was trying to break up a fight between… Read More

Albert Haynesworth Charged With Assault

I have written about Albert Haynesworth and his troubles with the Washington Redskins. And I have written about simple assault in Virginia. Now I write about Albert Haynesworth AND simple assault after Haynesworth was charged with the offense… Read More

On Spit Balls as Missiles and Pests As Criminals

When I was in high school many, many years ago, using a plastic straw to shoot spit balls at the back of another kid’s head would have drawn, at the very most, a stern rebuke from the teacher…. Read More

Serenity Now. Goosefraba.

Your client enters into a deferred sentencing agreement (DSA) after being charged with simple assault. According to the terms of the agreement, he must first plead guilty to punching another commuter on the metro. He then has 9… Read More

“Why Would You Do This To A Girl?”

It has to be the random acts of violence – unexpected and without justification — that shock the most.  Routine police work is followed by a spasm of violence that changes two peoples’ lives. According to Injustice Everywhere,… Read More

Extortion in D.C. and Virginia: An Endangered Criminal Offense?

Extortion is one of my favorite crimes, a fact which, I have to admit, is usually not much consolation to the person who gets me on the phone worried that he/she may be charged with it.  At the… Read More

Public Defender Could Face Criminal Charges After Threatening Prosecutor

At the public defender’s office where I used to work, an organization with 250-300 lawyers, we had at least one or two burnouts every year. Some of the burnouts were public, with a defender breaking down in open… Read More