On Norm Pattis and “The Happysphere”

June 26, 2010

  Norm Pattis was in town this weekend, and Mirriam Seddiq and I joined him last night for dinner at Oyamel restaurant.  Seddiq’s brother works as the head bartender there, and he made sure we were treated like… Read More

What This Criminal Defense Lawyer Looks For In A Client

June 22, 2010

  JW, one of my favorite readers/commenters, has proposed a blog topic.  He says he has read a lot about what a client should look for when hiring a criminal defense lawyer. Now that JW himself is in… Read More

Congressman Etheridge and Simple Assault in D.C.

June 16, 2010
D.C. skyline

  While the YouTube video is now posted all over the Internet, I first found out about Congressman Etheridge’s altercation with two students when checking out my website stats through Google Analytics.  I found that visits to the… Read More

Disorderly Conduct: D.C. Court Narrows The Scope

June 13, 2010

  Disorderly conduct is a really annoying charge. The first problem is that the offense is usually so broad and poorly defined that it is too easy for police to charge and too easy for the government to… Read More

On Watching A Client’s Recorded Statement To The Police

June 12, 2010

I am watching a DVD recording of my client’s statement to the detective.  The camera must have a wide-angle lens because my client and the detective take up only a small portion of the screen.  There is also… Read More

Self-Defense in a D.C. Assault Case

June 9, 2010
U.S. Capitol Building

Self-defense is an affirmative defense to simple assault and other assault charges in D.C. Self-defense is the use of force to protect oneself, one’s family or one’s property from a real or threatened attack.  It is an affirmative… Read More

Flat Fees Versus Hourly Rates In A Criminal Case

May 25, 2010
Jefferson Memorial

There is no good way to charge for legal services, I am persuaded. Clients come in need. They are afraid and angry. They want a hero, a savior, a warrior. You offer them what you can. Most often… Read More

Six Months Into A Solo Criminal Law Practice

May 17, 2010
American flag

Mark Bennett and Brian Tannebaum both announced last week that they have been practicing criminal law for 15 years.  While I have nowhere close to this level of experience, I recently celebrated an anniversary of my own. As… Read More

Why I Hate Norm Pattis

May 14, 2010
Aerial view of DC

  I first learned Norm Pattis’ lousy, stinking name through Scott Greenfield, who often uses something Pattis has written as the launching point for one of his own entries.  And Greenfield writes about Pattis in reverential terms you… Read More

Why Do My Favorite Cops Always Turn Out To Be Crooked?

May 11, 2010
Jefferson Memorial

I am walking with my kids at the Reading Terminal, an eatery just a couple of blocks from the courthouse in Philadelphia, when we come across a group of narcotics officers sitting in the eating area.  We have… Read More