Penalties: Simple Possession of Illegal Drugs

October 5, 2009

The maximum penalty for a first conviction of simple possession in the District of Columbia, regardless of the substance involved, is 180 days of incarceration, with a maximum fine of $1000. The maximum penalty for a second or… Read More

Drug Distribution

October 3, 2009

The second major drug offense in the District of Columbia is the felony charge of drug distribution or possession with intent to distribute (PWID) – what we generally refer to as “drug dealing.” In order to secure a… Read More

DUI/DWI: Trial Issues

September 24, 2009

If the defendant is not eligible for diversion and if either there is no Motion to Suppress or the Motion to Suppress is denied, then the defendant faces trial. As described in earlier entries, there are two things… Read More

DUI/DWI: Litigating a Motion to Suppress

September 23, 2009

In ruling on a Motion to Suppress in a DUI/DWI case, the court will look at the “totality of the circumstances” affecting the police officer’s decision to stop, arrest, and test the defendant. Defense counsel will therefore challenge… Read More

DUI/DWI: What is a Motion to Suppress?

September 22, 2009

If diversion is not an option for a client charged with DUI/DWI, the next step — also pre-trial — is to look at the legality of the stop. In other words, why did the police officer pull over… Read More

DUI/DWI Diversion Program

September 21, 2009

Getting pulled over for drunk driving can be an unsettling experience for most people. For many clients, the experience represents the first time they’ve ever been arrested. Being charged with DUI or DWI is even worse. So it… Read More

Chemical Test Refusals Under DC’s DUI/DWI Statutes

September 19, 2009

Assuming you have not been in an accident, you can refuse to take a breath, blood, or urine test in the District of Columbia after being pulled over by a police officer for suspicion of driving while intoxicated… Read More

My Personal Philosophy on Criminal Defense

September 16, 2009

On a Person Being Arrested Be polite, calm, and respectful. Do not say anything. If the officer asks you any questions, calmly reply that you will not say anything without your lawyer present. Then call your lawyer at… Read More