“You Look Thinner In Real Life”

by Jamison Koehler on May 5, 2015

Grey Gardner

If ever I thought a person’s vanity might diminish with age, I have proven myself wrong: I am every bit as vain today as I have ever been. The problem is that the vanity now leads mostly to humiliation. And things are only getting worse.

So I am particularly pleased whenever I hear something positive about my physical appearance.

People often approach me at the courthouse to comment on something I have written here. I like this. For example, Grey Gardner told me the other day that his girlfriend – a public defender in New York — is a reader. I am a big fan of Grey, who is a first-rate lawyer and also a classy guy. So this was a compliment by extension. And a prosecutor told me recently that she was halfway into a blog entry before she realized she was the person who had inspired the post. Fortunately I was not criticizing her.

And then there was yesterday.

I wish I could remember my colleague’s name but he approached me as I was leaving the building. Asking me to confirm my identity, he told me he enjoyed the back-and-forth between me, my brother, and my brother-in-law in the comments section. That was nice. But what really made my day was what followed: “I wasn’t sure whether it was you or not,” he told me. “You look thinner in real life.”

Now come on: How often do you hear something like that?

I will be updating my website soon to make it more friendly for mobile devices. Maybe I should update my photograph at the same time. After all, moments pass.  Things will only be going downhill from here.

2 Comments on ““You Look Thinner In Real Life”

  1. A few years back, I received a very angry email, denigrating my appearance together with other unpleasant characterizations. While no one wants to be called hideously ugly, appearance was never one of my big issues. It didn’t strike a nerve.

    I wouldn’t mind hearing that I looked thinner in real life, but I would rather hear that I made no one stupider. Unfortunately, there is no picture for that to put on my website, so I guess I’ll just have to continue suffering the slings and arrows that come my way based on my ideas rather than my girth.

  2. SHG:

    I suspect I am a bit more superficial than you.

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