Lawyer Advertising: “Thanks Dan!!!”

by Jamison Koehler on March 7, 2014

2 Comments on “Lawyer Advertising: “Thanks Dan!!!”

  1. I’m rather lenient on the bounds of attorney advertising, because I think clients should know if their lawyer is the type who would resort to over-the-top advertising, but… I dunno, this skirts awfully close to the line for me. There are two problematic implicit promises: (1) that he will knowingly aid clients with factual defenses that are false and (2) he can assure acquittal for guilty clients. Neither of these are stated directly, and there are various caveats, but, well, it’s disconcerting.

  2. I wonder how effective the ad will be. I assume, for example, that he is planning a high-volume practice because I cannot imagine that anyone with any money would hire him after seeing this ad.

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