“Burn-Pit” Class Action Lawsuit Against KBR to Continue

by Jamison Koehler on March 7, 2014

The Associated Press, the Navy Times, and BusinessWeek have all reported on yesterday’s decision by the 4th Circuit to allow a federal lawsuit against U.S. military contractor KBR to continue. As the Navy Times puts it, “The civil cases – 58 separate class actions and individual suits known as Alan Metzger et al v. KBR – allege that KBR and its former parent company, Halliburton, acted negligently as the Pentagon’s largest logistics contractor in the region, willfully burning items that employees should not have placed in the pits and exposing troops to toxic fumes and pollutants.”

My wife Susan Burke is lead counsel for the plaintiffs. The Navy Times quotes her as saying: “We are pleased that the service members harmed by the burn pits operated by KBR will have their day in court. As we alleged in the complaints, the military paid KBR to provide waste disposal in a manner consistent with the health and safety of the troops. KBR broke that contractual promise.”

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8 Comments on ““Burn-Pit” Class Action Lawsuit Against KBR to Continue

  1. I was a contracted worker in Iraq, I have been sick since I got back to the United States. I was wondering if I could get more information on the lawsuit and if there was any way to become part of the lawsuit. I would appreciate any information you could give me

  2. I also worked in Iraq, balad right by the burn pit in 2005_2007 have not been sick but I am interested in this lawsuit, cause I was breathing that stuff in my lungs everyday, I know I need to be checked out to see if I have anything from that, please let me know what should I do.

  3. How do I jump on board with this lawsuit I was exposed first hand to the burn pits

  4. When returning home to the US my doctor found a black spot on my lung. I was exposed to smoke from the burn pits at several sites in Iraq. Now, I am having all kinds of medical issues. I have always had an x-ray and sometimes two x-rays per year like clock work. Please contact me so I can get more information.

  5. I’m looking to get in on this lawsuit , my wife and I worked in Iraq several years in this environment also, please contact me

  6. I had lots of exposure to the burn pits- especially the one in Ballad. I used to have to go into it to do “crater analysis” when we would often get mortared. They liked to use the plume of smoke as an aiming reference, so they often landed there. I would have to go in and do the battle assessment- inside the burn pit itself, and often would have to bring back pieces of the Mortar/ Rocket. I have orders where I was in Ballad, and can get sworn statements about my job from “higher- ups” in the Army.

    I now have extreme breathing problems, and they are about to do a lung biopsy on me. Please add me to the class- action lawsuit…

  7. I recently found out about this case through investigating my own health problems since being home from Iraq. I was in Iraq from 4/15/2010 to 10/01/2011 employed by a KBR subcontractor Olgoonik. I started having issues with my health around October 2013. Just two years after my departure.
    An officer with VA was in my garage recently explaining the countless numbers of soldiers and contractors who now have severe health issues since serving in Iraq. I was informed that 25 vets and contractors a day are being diagnosed with cancers, nerve damage and so on, some which have left us already from said issues. Is it just coincidence that this is happening or is KBR responsible since they were providing life support services? Soldiers in Oregon were successful in their case and hopefully sets a precedent for big money defense contractor firms.
    I like many other veterans and contractors require folks like you to help us regain the health we had or at least help compensate for the countless thousands of dollars lost to health care since returning. I will be reaching out to Susan for advice and words of encouragement.

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