by Jamison Koehler on October 7, 2013

All here
as should be.
As to our
sorrow, it
would answer

to have touched
your hand,
the living,
or your sleeve,
this button

as you would
do, or
this one
left undone.


6 Comments on “Loss

  1. Yes. And the garden is a little bit overgrown, don’t you think? What are you all doing up there?

  2. Hi Mr Koehler,

    Would you mind if I copied the poem (with attribution, of course) to my daughter’s memorial page? It would crosspost to Facebook, if that’s important to you.


    Thank you

    John Beaty

  3. Mr. Beatty:

    Thank you for asking. And, yes, I and other members of my family would be honored to have you use the poem in this fashion.

    Please accept my sincere condolences on the loss of your daughter.

    Best, Jamison Koehler

  4. P.S. The attribution should be to “(c) G. Stanley Koehler.”

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