Koehler Law Open For Business in Maryland

by Jamison Koehler on October 17, 2013

I am now a member of the Maryland Bar.  Along with a certificate I received the other day in the mail was a note from the Clerk informing me that, unlike other jurisdictions, Maryland does not assign “bar numbers.”  Apparently, the Clerk’s Office gets a lot of calls about this.

8 Comments on “Koehler Law Open For Business in Maryland

  1. While Maryland does not assign bar number, that doesn’t mean a bar number can’t be assigned to you. After all, it leaves the field wide open. I therefore assign you bar number 00000003. Best of luck.

  2. Thank you. But what I’d like to know is who has the two numbers in front of me.

  3. Thank you. And thank you for the advice on preparing for the exam.

  4. So, if no bar number, how can I file a complaint? Or, should I just stick with Avvo?

  5. Eric: You’ll need to get in line to complain about me on Avvo.

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