PBS News Hour Report on Sexual Assault in Military

by Jamison Koehler on August 16, 2013

General Altenburg can hardly bring himself to say Susan’s name. And although he says he strongly disagrees with her that sexual assault conviction rates in the military are far lower than in civilian courts, he has no numbers — unlike my wife — to back up his contention. Apparently, it is just a gut feeling with him.

The moderator has it right when he suggests that the latest measures announced by the Pentagon are intended to take the wind out of Senator Gillibrand’s sails. Gillibrand, of course, has introduced legislation that would take prosecution of sexual assault cases out of the chain of command. Evidencing a true understanding of due process, Susan explains why this is necessary.  In the meantime, with support from Senators Levin and McCaskill of the Armed Services Committee, the Pentagon continues to try to get by with the same type of incremental change that leaves us exactly where we are today.

One Comment on “PBS News Hour Report on Sexual Assault in Military

  1. What?? They didn’t understand the scope of the problem, says the General???General Altenburg is clueless and demonstrates it. Even if he thought it, he should have never said it. Facts and figures always get in the way of a good narrative. Good for Susan!!!

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