No Rabbit Stew Tonight

by Jamison Koehler on May 26, 2013

Our front yard has been taken over by a family of rabbits. Or two. They are very tame.

I arrived home this afternoon to find one of the adult rabbits sprawled out across the lawn by the front walk. At first I thought he might have been hit by a car. Then I realized he was merely sunning himself.

The rabbit moved his hind legs a little bit as I approached but he didn’t get up. It was clear he didn’t want to move, no matter what his instincts were telling him.  He looked at me as if to say: Are you really going to make me move from this very comfortable position?

I stopped, and we regarded each other a little bit longer — he in that indirect sort of way that rabbits have. After all, their eyes are on the sides of the heads. I chose the long way round so that I would not disturb him. I’m thinking he appreciated it.

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  1. I was expecting a sequel to Fatal Attraction.

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