My Brush With Margaret Thatcher

by Jamison Koehler on April 8, 2013

London. June 1990. I was low man on the U.S. delegation, probably the most junior person at the whole negotiation.  She was the most powerful woman on earth.  And yet when I walked toward the group she was standing with, surprised at how easy it was to approach her, she stepped back from the circle to allow me in.

Manners like that can only make an impression on you. She was a classy woman no matter what you thought of her politics. May she rest in peace.

2 Comments on “My Brush With Margaret Thatcher

  1. Please don’t let your impressions of her manners affect your ability to reflect upon her policies. Ms. Thatcher blamed the whole of England’s economic woes on the working class. Continuing through til today, the English government has declared war on the working class and the poor. They have also cast their lot with the warmongers in Washington, DC who haven’t the slightest care for all the innocents they have murdered in Panama, Afghanistan, Iraq and Serbia.

    As a result of Ms. Thatcher’s policies, industrial and manufacturing jobs fled England looking for the cheapest labor elsewhere. In their place are low-paid, non-unionized service jobs. The wealthy continue to rake it in while the poor and the working class live paycheck to paycheck.

    There is no reason to mourn her passing.

  2. You are a man of principle, Kennedy. I am a cheap date.

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