Emma Brush is All-Ivy Player of the Week

by Jamison Koehler on September 11, 2012

Photo: Doug Austin

Our summer intern (and my niece) Emma Brush was named All-Ivy Player of the Week yesterday after scoring 3 goals against Maine.  She also scored Dartmouth’s only goal against Rutgers on Sunday.  The tri-captain of the team was Dartmouth’s Most Valuable Player (MVP) last year.

Wayne, our investigator, keeps telling me how much he misses her.  You might think, listening to Wayne, that she is the only member of my family with any charm.

4 Comments on “Emma Brush is All-Ivy Player of the Week

  1. Go Emma! You must admit Mr. Koehler, she IS one of the MOST charming members, no offense.

  2. Ms. Ojeda: You would know (being married to the LEAST charming member of the family and all). 😉

  3. Obviously Wayne hasn’t met your middle sister!
    Go, Emma! You are MY niece, too!!!

  4. Thanks Uncle Jamie! By the way, I have something long overdue coming your way…

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