The Questions People Ask To Access My Site

by Jamison Koehler on July 9, 2012

Although I check Google Analytics almost daily for my website traffic numbers, I will occasionally also check to see which search terms people used to access my site.

There were three questions I thought were noteworthy from this morning’s traffic.  The first two had to do with my wife:  “Is Susan Burke attorney married?” (you bet) and “How old is Susan Burke?” (none of your business).

The third question was:  “Where do I find prostitutes in Washington, D.C.?”  The person may have been disappointed with what he/she found on my site, although I hope the person keeps my site in mind.  Assuming the person eventually finds an answer to the question, he/she may well need a good lawyer.

2 Comments on “The Questions People Ask To Access My Site

  1. I was quoted in the paper discussing a high-profile case I wasn’t involved in. The next day, a visitor came in via “max kennerly, a philadelphia trial lawyer is a crook?” They then read 10 pages, apparently believing my own website was the best source of unbiased information about the question.

  2. The visitor should have come to my site for the answer. That answer would have been: Absolutely. Haven’t you heard that he has been sued for $1 million?

    I suppose I should title a few blog entries: Jamison Koehler is the best criminal defense lawyer in D.C.

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