Popularity Contests in the Criminal Law Blogosphere

by Jamison Koehler on April 12, 2012

Because I am very competitive (and not in a good way), I always like to see how my blog is faring in comparison to other blogs I follow. Last time I did this, which was just under a year ago, I used my blogroll for comparison purposes. This year I decided to use the same criminal law blogs I highlighted in Blawg Review #316.  I use the Alexa traffic ranker which I understand provides the most accurate numbers.

It is discouraging to see that, although Jamie Spencer of Austin Criminal Defense has not posted in a year, he is still creaming most of the rest of us in the rankings.

Blog (Alexa Traffic Rank)

  1. Popehat (272,576)
  2. Simple Justice (315,859)
  3. Defending People (844, 318)
  4. Austin Criminal Defense (958,950)
  5. My Law License (1,008,121)
  6. A Public Defender (1,357,441)
  7. The Criminal Lawyer (1,364,487)
  8. Koehler Law (1,368,184)
  9. Underdog (1,496,822)
  10. Philly Law Blog (1,754,885)
  11. Probable Cause (3,221,121)
  12. Unwashed Advocate (3,474,305)
  13. Federal Criminal Appeals Blog (4,091,883)
  14. Tempe Criminal Defense (4,455,295)
  15. Not Guilty (4,669,315)
  16. Norm Pattis (4,967,170)
  17. Blonde Justice (5,289,407)
  18. Gamso – For the Defense (6,031,281)
  19. The Defense Rests (6,113,640)
  20. In Your Defense (6,980,569)
  21. DA Confidential (10,274,355)
  22. Liberty & Justice for Y’all (14,994,459)
  23. Infamy or Praise (17,829,072)
  24. Jersey Criminal Law Blog (22,069,900)
  25. Prosecutor’s Discretion (26,240,406)
  26. Gideon Speaks (27,832,334)
  27. Appellate Squawk (27,849,859)
  28. Chicago Criminal Defense (No Data)
  29. Clements Firm (No Data)
  30. Felonious Munk (No Data)
  31. Serena Strauss (No Data)
  32. Sustained! (No Data)

10 Comments on “Popularity Contests in the Criminal Law Blogosphere

  1. Mr. Popehat:

    You are not a criminal defense lawyer, are you? If you are, then I have offended you on two counts: I omitted you from the Blawg Review as well, which would have been a tremendous oversight.

  2. I am a criminal defense attorney (as well as a civil litigator). But I was kind of joking. Relatively little of Popehat is devoted to criminal defense.

  3. I knew you were a former prosecutor (Assistant U.S. Attorney, I think), but didn’t realize you still practice criminal law. Since I define criminal law very broadly for these purposes, it was in fact an oversight for the Blawg Review. Damn. I hate when that happens. Next time.

    Popehat’s numbers put the rest of us to shame.

  4. No, the shame should be mine, considering the substantive discussion about criminal law that the other entrants contribute, compared to my mostly fart jokes.

  5. As a public service, I shall provide the funniest keyword for which each of the top ten sites rank in the first 50 results on Google:

    Popehat — “fat kid fights back”
    Simple Justice — “klondike bars”
    Defending People — “people for cats”
    Austin Criminal Defense — “is 7 11 open 24 hours”
    My Law License — “how to get rich overnight”
    A Public Defender — “eyeball jokes”
    The Criminal Lawyer — [nothing funny]
    Koehler Law — “dc prostitutes”
    Philly Law Blog — “d list blog”
    Probable Cause — [nothing funny, best I have is “have not want not”]

    Congratulations, you pimp.

  6. Thank you, Mr. 1,056,065 on Alexa’s list. Not too shabby. I am 300,000 away and gunning for you.

  7. So, someone stopped me in the courthouse today and said “Someone with a criminal defense blog in DC* mentioned you the other day.”

    As you noted, I’m out of the game, have been for a while. Gave myself a break when it got to be a chore and swore it off until I felt like coming back. Which hasn’t happened yet. YET…

    Holy Crap, “discouraging”?? I’ll say! I haven’t checked stats in a million years. Knowing how far I’ve fallen might almost** be enough motivation to get me back in the game. Hehe.

    (*So I knew it was you)

    (**operative word in that phrase: almost)

  8. Jamie Spencer: Good to see that you are still alive. I have assumed that your silence over the past year has been the result of a thriving law practice, which is great. For you, that is. The rest of us miss the blog.

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