Untagging Old Photographs on Facebook

by Jamison Koehler on March 10, 2012

Recent converts are the worst.

Having just discovered Facebook, one of my sisters keeps posting old photographs. She also tags them. This means I have to keep checking Facebook, taking my name off pictures just as quickly as she can put them up. I can’t have people seeing old pictures of me with my goofy 70’s hair and clothes. I don’t want all my Facebook friends to know that I have not always been the ultra-cool dude I am today.

My kids see the pictures and laugh. I say, just you wait.

If the 1960s were cool because of all the protests and the ’80s were cool because of all of the thin ties, I don’t know what we were thinking in the 70’s. We should decide collectively, as a nation, to destroy every Polaroid, slide, and snapshot ever taken during that miserable decade. In the meantime, my sister keeps posting. I keep untagging.

4 Comments on “Untagging Old Photographs on Facebook

  1. No! I am sure I will not be agreed with by you, Mr. Jamison Koehler, and others but I think the 70’s were far out. I know you want to be “the man” but I wish you would chill and stop being such a spaz. I believe the 70’s set the pace for many groovy styles that are still being enjoyed. Can you dig it? Right on! Catch you on the flip side, goodlookin’! And by the way, May the force be with you!

  2. I grabbed a decent photo scanner off a Groupon. Now my parents have asked me to slowly scan all our old family photos. I can’t wait to upload all the photos where I look adorable and my aunt has glasses the size of dinner plates.

  3. Sorry, little brother. I’ve learned my lesson and I will stop tagging goofy people in goofy pictures! Did you see the one I posted of Ray’s old college roommate? Boy, did I hear from him!

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