On The Killing of Moammar Gaddafi

by Jamison Koehler on October 21, 2011

It strikes me as obscene — pornographic — to gawk at the desperate last moments of a man, no matter how vile the person, no matter how welcome his departure, no matter how much the Libyan people needed to see proof of his death. It was disheartening to see the video of the frenzied mob surrounding and torturing Gaddafi.  And I was disgusted by Hillary Clinton’s lame attempt at humor. The only proper response to Gaddafi’s death coming from a spokesperson from this great country of ours, I believe, was a statement of quiet and sober relief that he is now gone.

2 Comments on “On The Killing of Moammar Gaddafi

  1. You may be right about the official response, but I have to disagree about the people who were there. 42 years of subjugation and fear. What you expect of them simply defies human nature. Whatever befell him, he doled out in spades before. Of all those suffering in the world, I have no sympathy for him.

  2. I could not agree you more. The thing that makes us different from Gaddafi, at least I know I am different and it sounds like you are as well, is the compassion and dignity we give human life. Gaddafi did perpetrate atrocities against many people however I suspect that he justified his actions by claiming that his victims did horrible things or were intrinsically bad people.

    Everyone should treat every human with respect and dignity because if you respect yourself you will not lower yourself to the level of sociopaths and because you are compassionate. The desire to respect others comes from within it is not conditioned upon the conduct of another.

    The way you treat someone tells people about who you are as a person not who the target is as a person. The world will form an opinion about that person based on his or her conduct.

    I am not familiar with the comment from Hillary Clinton but I generally support her. I will be disappointed to learn of callousness from her.

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