by Jamison Koehler on October 7, 2011

My smart, lively and beautiful niece Meg posted a Facebook tribute to her grandfather today on the first anniversary of his death. And she did it with a brevity my father would very much have admired:  “GSK.”

Another Time

The note from Newman’s said

it needed cleaning,

but I wind it and it goes.

Its hands with delicate gesture pointing

like vanes around the face resume

an hour of your life.


Sunlight in the room

and memories, clear

as water.  In the mirror as you lean

to tie your tie I see

the Hamilton on its gold chain.

Ten after eight:


initials on the knife, reversed.

Where you stood on the rug

it wears.  I say my name

and hang your picture to remind me.

Another time; your breath

unclouding in the glass.


© G. Stanley Koehler

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