How To Impress Your Friends

by Jamison Koehler on August 3, 2011

The witness says she knew it was the defendant trying to call her because his name came up on her I-Phone.

Who entered his name into the I-Phone address book in connection with this number?

I did, she says.

So you could have entered his name in connection with any number?

That’s right.

That’s when it occurs to you.  You take a number from someone who calls you a lot and you type in “Barack Obama.”  Or maybe just “Barack” to suggest that you are on a first-name basis. Maybe you also download “Hail to the Chief” and use that as the ringtone.

Your friends will be very impressed when, sitting together with you at dinner, you get an urgent phone call.  I’m sorry, you say to them with a look of resignation. But I really have to take this call.


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