Back From Cape Cod

by Jamison Koehler on July 16, 2011

That’s my brother on the right calling the play.  My wife and daughter are to his right.  My team was much better.

4 Comments on “Back From Cape Cod

  1. Since you didn’t post the score or declare your team the winners, I presume you mean “better” on some intangible, moralistic, ethical, losing type scale… 😉

  2. Touch football at Cape Cod. Very Kennedyesque.

  3. We do like our touch football. And my team did lose, as Mr. Confidential correctly discerned.

  4. Hold on. Isn’t taking pictures of an opponent’s play-calling what got Bill Belicheat into hot water? At least you had the grace, unlike the Pats, to lose afterward as penance. Notwithstanding, I hope that the commissioner of this touch football league gave you a wrist-slap to preserve the integrity of the game. You know, for kids.

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