Military Rape Case Filed in Federal Court

by Jamison Koehler on February 15, 2011

My wife filed her military rape case today.  The Daily Beast provides some of the details here.  The Today show clip with Meredith Vieira and Michael Isakoff is below.

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3 Comments on “Military Rape Case Filed in Federal Court

  1. As the mother of one of the plaintiffs your wife is representing I would like to offer my sincerest appreciation and graditude for her bravery in taking on this case. I know that it has probably taken time away from you and your family. Thank your for understanding. I remember telling a caption at Admiral Crowley’s Office to remember my daughters name because the next time he would hear it would be on the news. That was over five years ago. And because of your wife that statement came true. She and her associates have been so kind to Kori, and I can’t thank her enough.
    Sharon L Cioca

  2. Ms. Cioca:

    Thank you for those kind words, which I will pass on to Susan. Your daughter is a brave woman. Hopefully something positive will eventually result from all of this.

  3. I was sexually assualted and raped in korea. I contacted you several times and have not gotten a response. I dont know if its because my emails are being intercepted. The President of Korea and THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, The Un Secretary General are aware what I went through without my consent and that I was used as a guniea pig without my consent. I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW HOW TO FILE CHARGES OF WAR CRIMEW IN COURT. MY BODY HAVE BEEN USED TO DEVELOP VARIOUS VACCINES AMONG OTHER THINGS AGENTS AND HEAVY METALS. My health have been severly affected. I have walked across the graves of many soldiers in north korea where i was kept hostage by the United states Army. I would like to file charges in your court. My Name is [deleted].
    I was hoping he would call to tell me if your firm could help me. The situation was i was raped, by two commanding Generals Petreaus and Genral GIL and General Sharp and some members of congress while serving in the army in korea ;then taken to a undisclosed place and was subject to a round of test without my consent. Thats the basic could you please let me know if your firm could help me. Maybe I am not getting the message because my calls are being intercepted.

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