Damn You, AutoCorrect

by Jamison Koehler on December 6, 2010

H/T to @AdrianLurssen and @NikiBlack.

4 Comments on “Damn You, AutoCorrect

  1. Are these supposed to be real? I can’t imagine so, would the iPhone really auto-correct to use the “c” word?! Be awesome if so…

  2. iPhone autocorrect has a learning capability, and it recognizes proper names from the contact list. So in order for iPhone autocorrect to use the c-word, either the sender has to use the word often enough that autocorrect has learned it, or someone is listed with that word in the Contacts list.

    Either that, or someone is having a bit of fun:
    “See you later, bastard!”
    “I meant buddy.”

  3. Mark: Yeah, I thought about this too. It’s hard to believe Autocorrect would be so . . . enlightened? At the same time, how else would you explain it? The guy sounds pretty sincere with his apology.

  4. Mr. Pundit’s moniker is well-deserved. He always seems to have the facts on his fingertips.

    From what you say, it sounds like this was not the first time the guy had used the “c” word on his I-Phone.

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