“Law and Baseball” Apparently Knows Football

by Jamison Koehler on September 21, 2010

Congratulations to Johnny Gardner of Law and Baseball who wrested first place from Sui Generis in week 2 of the criminal law blog fantasy football league. Gardner scored a league record 169 points in defeating Mark Tanney for a total of  266. Gardner is followed in Division 1 by Jeff Gamso of Gamso for the Defense, also still undefeated with 182 overall points.

Mirriam Seddiq of Not Guilty leads Division 2 with 230 overall points after defeating Sui Generis 111 to 109 in this week’s closest match. Seddiq is followed by Tricia Bushnell of Evolving Innocence with 222 points and Jamie Spencer of Austin Criminal Defense with 216.

There are now only 5 undefeated teams. This week’s “Try Again Next Week” award goes to Brian Gurwitz of In Your Defense.  Mark Draughn of Windy Pundit will be relieved to hear that Gurwitz now holds the league record for fewest points in a week:  35.

Division 1 (Win-Loss, Points)

  1. Law and Baseball (2-0, 266)
  2. Gamso For the Defense (2-0, 182)
  3. Koehler Law (1-1, 239)
  4. A Public Defender (1-1, 195)
  5. Liberty & Justice for Y’all (1-1, 169)
  6. In Your Defense (1-1, 135)
  7. Mark Tanney (0-2, 210)
  8. Chandler Criminal Defense (0-2, 168)
  9. MyShingle (0-2, 125)

Division 2 (Win-Loss, Points)

  1. Not Guilty (2-0, 230)
  2. Evolving Innocence (2-0, 222)
  3. Austin Criminal Defense (2-0, 216)
  4. Sui Generis (1-1, 247)
  5. Probable Cause (1-1, 232)
  6. Brucklaw (1-1, 168)
  7. The Trial Warriors (1-1, 163)
  8. Norm Pattis (0-2, 206)
  9. Windy Pundit (0-2, 100)

3 Comments on ““Law and Baseball” Apparently Knows Football

  1. Screw you, Koehler. I was going to refer you a six-figure fee case set for arraignment next week in DC, but now I’m not. I’d send it to Mirriam, but not after she rejected my plea to use another picture on herself on her Web site.

  2. Mirriam: I keep telling you that the less you know, the better you do in this league. At the same time, that strategy doesn’t seem to be working too well for Gurwitz.

    Gurwitz. Is this the same client still looking for a lawyer with a “passion” for sex assault cases? I agree with you on the choice of Mirriam’s photo, and, since I was the photographer of the picture you liked, I’ll take that as a compliment.

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