What Lawyers Put In Their Biographies; What Clients Actually Look For

by Jamison Koehler on August 31, 2010

Courtesy of Matt Homann of the [non]billable hour:

3 Comments on “What Lawyers Put In Their Biographies; What Clients Actually Look For

  1. Awesome, and probably true. I’ll be changing some of my bio now, I guess.

  2. Exactly. There are some people who have quibbled with some of the individual items listed but I think they are missing the overall point.

    I will say, however, that many years ago I was talking with a guy who made millions in direct mail advertising. He said that, following up on research they did as well as on direct experience, they stuffed the middle of the promotional materials with all sorts of meaningless filler. They didn’t expect anyone to actually read the filler. But they found that people liked to know it was there.

    This same dynamic might also apply to the process of hiring a lawyer. While people may not feel like reading about a lawyer’s credentials and experience, they still take comfort in knowing it is there.

  3. And I think it is hard for lawyers to not boast a little. We worked hard through college and law school and clerkships, and we want to be able to brag a little, right? But then again, want client really knows that you are Martindale AV rated?

    To me, the Venn diagram represents how quickly lawyers can forget who real people are. All it really takes to write a decent bio (I think) is imagining yourself as a non-lawyer who is looking for a lawyer – what do I want to see? I’m hoping this isn’t peculiar to attorneys and that most workers lose the forest for the trees when describing their business.

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