On Jon Katz, Texas Hold ‘Em, and Fantasy Football

by Jamison Koehler on May 31, 2010

Last week I had the pleasure of getting together for lunch with fellow D.C.-area lawyers/bloggers Mirriam Seddiq and Jon Katz. Regular readers of this blog know Seddiq very well, but may not know that Katz authors one of the most successful criminal law blogs out there, the Underdog blog.  I envy his blogging experience and numbers.

I have had the idea for a while now of organizing a poker game for D.C.- area criminal law bloggers.   Mirriam is up for it, as is Carolyn Elefant.  I’ve also been trying to interest Matthew Kaiser of The Kaiser Blog and a few other criminal defense lawyers in this area who also blog.  The idea was that, after we improved our game, we could challenge Mark Bennett, Mark Pryor, and other Texas criminal law bloggers at their own game — Texas Hold ‘Em – in a regional match.  We East Coasters could show those Gulf Coasters who is boss.

I regret to say that Katz’ reaction was at best lukewarm.  He did, however, take this video of Mirriam for YouTube.  That I refused to go in front of the camera myself had nothing to do with his lack of interest in my stupid little poker game.  Because that would have been petty, right?

My next idea, which I can only hope is more successful, is to organize a Fantasy Football league for criminal law bloggers this coming fall.  I know even without speaking with her that Mirriam is game. Katz will be lucky to be invited.  I am already studying up.

10 Comments on “On Jon Katz, Texas Hold ‘Em, and Fantasy Football

  1. Of course, had you invited me for a few rounds of jukebox sabotage, lacross, or Baltimore’s Hon-Fest, my eyes would have lit up. Jon

  2. Google gives a different jukebox sabotage definition from my own, which is to program jukebox songs upon exiting that will annoy the most people: Neil Sedaka for rock music fans, or Ozzy Osbourne for the Ozzie and Harriet set.

  3. 1. I am English not Texan.

    2. You Right Coast, Birkenstock-wearing, hemp-vested, woolly-sock wearing hippies would SO lose.

    3. How about a wager on the outcome of England v. USA in the World Cup? The only restriction: we have to support the nation in which we were born.

    4. You would SO lose.

  4. Pretty good smack talk. For a Brit.

    Can we count you in for Fantasy Football? And, no, Manchester United is not involved.

  5. Hey there Brit guy. My peoples beat you over there and over here. Let’s play a game of cricket or polo with an animal carcass instead of a wussy ball and see how you all do.

    I’m just sayin’.

  6. Apparently they don’t do much smack talk where Mirriam’s from.

  7. No. Not at all. In fact, afghans are known the world over for their goodness and light.

  8. I would love to join the fantasy football league, although inviting me in would be like inviting the shark into the guppy tank. 🙂


  9. Bruckheim: You’re in. That makes five confirmed participants with five more to go. And I like the smack talk. It will make victory all the sweeter.

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