A Noobie on Twitter

by Jamison Koehler on April 28, 2010

Yesterday I posted about my ambivalence on joining Twitter.  Today I joined.

Mark Bennett was the first person to welcome me.  Scott Greenfield was the second, and, true to form, his welcome consisted mostly of an admonition about the non-commercial purpose of Twitter. (This blog is apparently known for its marketing.) Windy Pundit and Mirriam Seddiq were next with the welcomes, with Seddiq proclaiming that the party was now on.

Then Gideon chimed in with the complaint that I was clogging up the Twitter stream. Goodness. Five minutes on Twitter and I had already committed a faux pas. This after I had promised to lurk a while until I got the hang of things.  That’s okay, he reassured me.  “You’re a noob.”

What I said yesterday was absolutely right.  The thing is addicting.

5 Comments on “A Noobie on Twitter

  1. I thought twitter was like the wild west. Apparently, its just like Arizona. They need to make sure you are an acceptable part of the ‘twitterverse’ before you join the mayhem.

  2. Great. Now I look like an ass. Thanks!

    (It’s all a joke, you know, right? My tweets, this comment, Twitter, etc.)

  3. Also, if you’re going to do this whole internets thing, you gotta get it right. The adjectives are “newbie” and “n00b” (yes, those are zeros, not the letter o).

  4. Gideon: Yes, I did in fact take your comments in the spirit with which they were intended. I did not know that about “newbie” and “n00b.” Thank you. It shows you just how accurate that appellation was.

    Brian: Not chopped liver at all. Thank you for your welcome as well, which arrived after I had posted the above. I have enjoyed following your blog.

    Mirriam: Thank you for your welcome on Twitter (and your encouragement to join). I can alway count on you to say the right thing.

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